Top Mobile Banking Solution Companies in APAC
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Top 10 Mobile Banking Solution Companies in APAC - 2019

In the prevailing digital arms race, the banking industry has latched onto the trend of mobile banking to benefit from customer acquisition and satisfaction. From adopting machine learning and smart bots to enhance customer service to using big data engines and predictive models for detecting and mitigating mobile banking fraud, a new breed of mobile banking solution providers are shoring up banks and financial institutions to tap into the latest banking trends.

While mobile banking has become the go-to method for accessing various banking services, the top mobile banking solution providers are taking a more considered, strategic approach to enabling mobile applications. The rise of mobile wallets, e-money, touchless transactions, open banking, mobile-only banks along with technologies like AI, biometrics, blockchain, and more is a sign that banks are all geared to take frictionless and omnichannel banking experience a level higher.

In light of the significant technology advancements today, Banking CIO Outlook has compiled a list of Top 10 Mobile Banking Solution Providers in APAC to assist banks and financial institutions in harnessing the power of technology.

In this list, we are glad to feature the Jakarta-based PT. Infosys Solusi Terpadu that provides the latest digital tools to empower BRI customers and non-customers with a choice of funding sources, including current account, savings, or electronic money. Another featured company, TruTeq, builds multi-channel banking solutions for the telecommunications market, especially in developing countries. Piggybacking on its developer-focused SDK solution, zIAP, Zimperium offers app developers with machine learning-based, automated, and integrated app security to protect their mobile apps on customers’ devices while also reducing fraud.

We hope this issue of Banking CIO Outlook helps you build a partnership that can usher in more efficiency, better customer experiences and profitability to your firm.

We present to you Banking CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Mobile Banking Solution Providers in APAC - 2019.”

    Top Mobile Banking Solution Companies in APAC

  • As a Leading enterprise solution integrator, IST delivers integrated financial services apps on digital platform to the financial institutions and help them digitalize their financial system. In addition, IST also works together with first tier global IT companies to delivers a broad range of digital solutions with high performance and competitive advantage. They provide digital solutions to fulfill the need of digital transformation and rapid time-to-market. Established in 2006, IST is focused on providing digital transformation services that creates or manages business processes, culture and user experience to meet business and market requirements changes

  • As a telecommunications company, TruTeq uses GSM technology services such as USSD and SMS to provide multichannel banking solutions to banks serving people in developing regions. The company has designed a mobile banking platform that seamlessly integrates with any bank core, and by leveraging its patented ValiPort technology, TruTeq also ensures blocking any SIM-swap fraud. On the other hand, TruTeq’s API gateway allows banks to seamlessly integrate external vendors with their mobile banking services to ensure secure transactions. As one of the top mobile banking solution providers, TruTeq’s uniqueness stems from the stability, scalability, and reliability of its solutions

  • Zimperium is one of the industry leaders in Mobile Threat Defense with the world’s largest deployment of mobile device sensors. It offers real-time, on-device protection against both known and unknown threats, enabling detection and remediation of attacks on all three levels - the device, the network and the application. Zimperium’s patented z9 machine-learning detection engine uses artificial intelligence to power zIPS, the world’s first mobile on-device Intrusion Prevention System app, and zIAP, an embedded, In-App Protection SDK that delivers self-protecting iOS and Android apps as well as comprehensive app risk analysis with z3A

  • ACI Worldwide

    ACI Worldwide

    ACI Worldwide is a payment systems firm that powers e-payments, and banking for financial institutions, billers, and retailers. Through its extensive series of software and SaaS-based solutions, the company delivers real-time, any-to-any payment abilities and empowers the industry's most expansive omni-channel payments experience. The company's portfolio of products addresses primary market segments such as retail banking, including credit and debit card issuers and wholesale banking, including corporate cash management and treasury management operations.ACI's services and products are designed to enable electronic payments, used principally by financial institutions, and electronic payment processors

  • Backbase


    Empowering financial institutions, Backbase accelerates its digital transformation and effectively compete in a digital-first world. The company gives financials the speed and flexibility to create and manage seamless customer experiences across any device while delivering measurable business results. Backbase believes that superior digital skills are essential to stay relevant. Backbase's Omni-Channel Banking Platform is a state-of-the-art digital banking software solution that enables financials to grow its digital business rapidly. Many big financials have standardized on the Backbase platform globally to simplify their digital self-service and online sales operations across all digital touchpoints



    Crealogix is an innovative provider of fintech solutions for digital banking. The company develops and implements innovative fintech solutions for the digital banks of tomorrow. Banks can use Crealogix solutions to respond to evolving customer needs in the area of digitalization. The solution enables Crealogix to hold its own in a very demanding and dynamic market and remain one step ahead of its competitors. Crealogix provides banks with reliable and forward-looking support for their digitization journey, empowering them to master the inevitable digitization of their business successfully. The company offers opportunities and perspectives that actively shape the digital future of the financial world

  • Geniusto


    Geniusto is a fintech enabler and solutions provider that delivers digital banking technologies to the financial sectors globally. As a technology enabler, the company has the commitment and ability to provide customer care and assistance from the initial qualification process to actual product delivery and post-sales support. It is a cutting edge technology firm specializing in innovation, sales, marketing, enabling smart technologies and partner services across banking and finance, aged care, healthcare, and hospitality sectors. Geniusto adopts, creates, and delivers technology that is necessary to remain on the leading edge of Smart-Connected Product evolution and market acceptance

  • I Exceed Technology Solutions

    I Exceed Technology Solutions

    i-exceed is an IT products and services business, providing technology solutions. The company's flagship offerings include Appzillon Digital and Appzillon Digital platform, transforming banking experiences for both customers and employees. The platform enables businesses to realize their digital initiatives while being ready for the future at the same time. Based on open technologies, Appzillon offerings equips developers with the latest of what technology has to offer. i-exceed's team maintains unmatched experience in executing large multi-country core banking projects offering clients an opportunity to leverage global practices. Its services include strategy, end-to-end core banking program management, and execution support

  • Sunline Tech

    Sunline Tech

    Sunline is the pioneer of banking software and technology services. As the leading financial IT service provider, the company continually reinvents its solutions by integrating the most advanced technology with industry best practices that offer complete and secure financial solutions. Sunline meets the ever-changing customer demands competing with disruptive technologies. It also understands the importance of digital banking, hence removing geographical limitations, becoming the inevitable future of financial sector development. As a service provider for IT in the banking sector, the company draws on the digitalization concept to integrate and upgrade online financial services. Sunline helps banks adapt to the ever-changing customer demands and consumption patterns in the era of digitization



    Tosan is the largest market-leading banking and payment solution provider for traditional Islamic financial institutions. The company offers a diverse range of solutions incorporating all significant components of the banking process. Tosan is a pioneer in banking applications and payment solutions incentivized by direct involvement in the prolific Islamic banking sector in the middle-east. It focuses on providing total banking solutions and services from medium to large-scale banks. Tosan's goal is to produce banking and payment software solutions to cover the needs of Islamic financial institutions' banking sector